The Kitchen Shake Up

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Is It Time for a new kitchen?

Is your kitchen looking old and tired? Are the worktops scarred from many years of channelling your inner Ramsey? If so it might be time to think about a new kitchen, but before you do here are a few expert tips for you to consider.


The Kitchen Triangle
Have you heard of the kitchen triangle? This is a term used by architects and kitchen designers which helps describe the flow of a kitchen. The kitchen triangle is the correlation between the fridge, hob and sink, this helps in providing good movement between these three elements of the kitchen. It is important not to underestimate what a difference a good kitchen flow can make.

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The Use Of Your Kitchen?

This may seem a silly question, but how you use your kitchen can really effect the design. Are you the hostess with the mostess? Are you a foodie? Do you have children? It is important to consider these things so you can plan your space accordingly. If you love to entertain then seating and storage may be at the forefront of your mind, if you’re an avid cook then it is important you have enough work space to cook up your next gourmet meal!


Consider Your Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the foundation to any good kitchen, the building blocks of your design, what you choose will effect the look, and durability of your kitchen for years to come. Future proofing your kitchen is done with a good cabinet choice, choose something that is well made in order to stand the test of time. Kitchen cabinets take up the majority of your kitchens surface so the style you choose is key in the visual impact of your kitchen.

Jack Hopkins